Want to Protect Your E-Commerce Revenue from Leaking due to Functional or Performance Issues?

We can create multi-step tests to run and monitor how customers are experiencing your site right now! In-Production Tests can uncover issues that cannot be found any other way.

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The E-Commerce Customer Journey Validator Program

Let Us Run Our In-Production User-Simulated Tests on Your Live
E-Commerce Site

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Customer Journey Validator Overview

Our unique Multi-Step In-Production Test Cases can be created to visit specific pages of your e-commerce site on a recurring basis. These unique tests can identify poor user experiences, cart malfunctions, potential revenue leakage issues, performance bottlenecks and more!

What is Included in this Program?

All of these Multi-Step Test Cases will be run automatically based on preset intervals to test how well your E-Commerce is functioning in real-time!

In-Production Testing Strategy

Multi-Step tests are designed to mimic customer experiences to identify functional issues and performance bottlenecks

Tests recur every 5-15 minutes 24/7 to protect your revenue and identify poor user experience

Alerting Setup & Maintenance

Issue Resolution Recommendations

User Experience Report & Functional Analysis Report

Who is This Program For

E-Commerce Directors that want to spend more time focusing on leads and sales opportunities and less on testing. If you are concerned about Functional Issues with your E-Commerce website or mobile app we can help.

If you want to reduce risk of revenue leakage and improve your online customer experiences let's talk!

Why Uptime Monitoring is Not Enough for Protecting Revenue

Uptime and availability monitoring can be sufficient for standard websites. However, e-commerce websites and apps rely on many 3rd party plugins, APIs and partners.

If any of these connections are interrupted, have conflicts or have performance issues you need to know about it fast.

This is why a more robust type of In Production testing and monitoring is needed.

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What Types of Issues Can be Uncovered?

Discover what may be causing your revenue to leak and let us help you improve your customers online experiences.

Functional Issues

Revenue Leakage Issues

Performance Issues

Benefits of In-Production Testing is Simple

Gain True peace of mind and insurance for your e-commerce revenue.


Identify Problems Quickly

Reduce Revenue Loss

Real Time Site Visibility

How Does Our Process Work?


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We Provide an In-Production Test Strategy Recommendation


We set up your In-Production tests based upon your specific needs; including alert notifications and a Complete after action Report.

The eXpertStack Cloud-Based Platform is a Game-Changer

The eXpertStack is the first and only low-code end-to-end testing platform in the Cloud. Our team can leverage the eXpertStack platform at any stage of your e-commerce development and testing process. It offers the most proficient way to create and maintain test asset for manual, automation and In-Production testing. If offers a simple to use visual point and click editor.  

No Java, Python or any other coding languages are needed for 98% of all test case creation. The eXpertStack also offers an elegant way to extend the platform using JavaScript.

Making it possible to meet virtually any test requirements.

Our Team of Testing eXperts

Our team has been handling software testing projects for over two decades. With over 300 success automation testing projects under our belt you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Let us focus on testing and monitoring so you can focus on the Leads and Sales Revenue Generation

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What Happens After Your Customer Journey Validator Program is Completed?

During our initial strategy discussion we will explain all of the options available to you. Monthly In-Production Testing Services are the most affordable available today.

We will provide a Recommended Service Plan for your project.

Our Service Plans Start as Low as $497 Per Month

Want to Know More About In-Production Testing?

Guide On How to Minimize Revenue Leakage

Get this Free Guide on how to minimize revenue leakage from your e-commerce app leveraging in-production testing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a Multi-Step Test Case?
A multi-step test case is a test that runs a series of steps that happen in the browser in a repeatable sequence (i.e. visiting a URL, clicking on a link, image or button, verifying text and more).
How many steps are included in each test that runs in production?
During our trial service we include up to 5 steps for each multi-step test case. With the exception of the premium package. This package may include up to 10 steps for at least 1 test case.
Do you add any scripts to our site to perform any tests?
NO it doesn't - Neither of our In-Production tests case types (I.e. functional or availability) require adding any code to your e-comm site. This ensures that all site functionality works exactly like a real user is experiencing your e-comm site.
Does eXpertStack offer SMS alert messaging?
Yes, eXpertStack offer SMS alerting systems available.
Does eXpertStack offer resolution recommendation for issues detected?
YES it does - Each alert notification includes recommended methods for resolving each issue detected by our system. In addition, to our issue mitigation details provided we offer full service support to help you resolve the issue if needed.
What information is included within the alert messages?
Each alert notification message includes: Test Case Name - Recent run history - Issue detected details and resolution recommendations.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seriously skilled team. We have tried several different ways to automate testing and each time we couldn’t seem to maintain consistency. We decided to try eXpertStack Testing Services because they were offering a Low-Code proof of concept option for us. We have been levering these guys for almost 2 years now and have been releasing our apps faster with confidence."

Rachel Mcintyre
Project Manager - CBS Interactive

"Shocked at the results during first week. I was a little shocked at how many functional issues that eXpertStack found in a short period of time.  This service is very enlightening and humbling at times. Without it we know we would be losing revenue and customer’s would be lost."

Janet Joseph
E-Commerce Director - Retail Fashion Business

"Great service for a reasonable cost. I was really surprised at the affordability of eXpertStack in production testing services. I wasn’t sure it would help us identify issues in production but I wanted to try it out. One of the best was I’ve found to improve our customer experiences. I am really thrilled with eXpertStack and in my view the service pays for itself."

James Victorian
VP of E-Commerce - International Business