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Functional Test Runs

18.4 K

Issues Identified

$10.7 B

Revenue Protected

The Big Challenge for E-Commerce Leader is Consistent Customer Experiences Over Time

According to many recent studies only 3% of e-commerce website and mobile applications issues are defects are identified before consumers find them. During peak holiday seasons these issues cost retailers millions and millions in lost revenue and customer trust every single year.

This is a huge issue for executives that expect a predictable stream of revenue and a consistent cross channel customer experience.

Why These Issues are Difficult to Identify Quickly

Most e-commerce teams are continuously busy launching new products, updating existing ones and focus on marketing. They don't have the time, tools or expertise to craft and maintain in-production testing for their live site.

This is why many e-commerce companies have chosen the eXpertStack team to help them improve customer experiences and protect their revenue.

Leverage E-Commerce Testing Automation Platform and Experts Services

Watch this video to learn more about how the eXpertStack Platform and the team here at eXpertStack can help you improve your site quality.

Get Your Free E-Commerce Site Assessment

Successful e-commerce brands constantly updating their products navigation flows and cart functionality. These continuous changes can cause unexpected defects and performance bottlenecks.

Let one of our e-commerce testing experts analyze your site and provide feedback that can result in improving your customers experience immediately.

Simple 3 Step Process for Trying Our Services

Define what need to be tested and monitor in your live e-commerce site

Let us create, run and maintain multi-step test cases from around the world

We will send alerts and warnings about functional and performance issues

Ensure your Customer Experiences are Consistently Flawless.

Our Services at Glance

eXpertStack Includes all 3 Forms of Software Testing:
Manual Testing, Test Automation and In-Production Testing.

Regardless of which service you choose to start with we can shift right or left as your needs change using the same end to end testing platform.

Which of These is Your Priority?

Improve Your App Quality and cut your releases

Detect functional  Performance Anomalies on your site

Why Your Online Business Needs In-Production Testing?

Online shoppers expect a seamless and flawless user experience.  Issues found in production can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and risk your reputation. Issues happen in production all the time. Most teams are forced to wait for customers to discover them.

The reactive approach is the most expensive way to handle them. eXpertStack can help you identify issues in Production immediately.

Prevent Poor User Experiences & Reduce Revenue Leakage

eXpertStack creates and maintains proven multi-step test cases that run on a recurring basis on your live e-commerce site. These tests are designed to pinpoint and identify when functional issues or performance bottlenecks occur in near real time.

No longer be forced to reach to issues reported by customers. Prevent poor user experiences & reduce revenue leakage.

Here’s a Snapshot Comparison Between eXpertStack and Uptime Monitoring Alone

In-Production Testing/Monitoring
Uptime Monitors
Website Up/Down
Location-Based Performance Monitoring
Page-Specific Performance Monitoring
Site Functional Testing
Cart Malfunction Testing
Navigation Flow Testing
In House Testing Expertise

Want to know about the key advantages of our In-Production Testing Services?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seriously skilled team. We have tried several different ways to automate testing and each time we couldn’t seem to maintain consistency. We decided to try eXpertStack Testing Services because they were offering a Low-Code proof of concept option for us. We have been levering these guys for almost 2 years now and have been releasing our apps faster with confidence."

Rachel Mcintyre
Project Manager - CBS Interactive

"Shocked at the results during first week. I was a little shocked at how many functional issues that eXpertStack found in a short period of time.  This service is very enlightening and humbling at times. Without it we know we would be losing revenue and customer’s would be lost."

Janet Joseph
E-Commerce Director - Retail Fashion Business

"Great service for a reasonable cost. I was really surprised at the affordability of eXpertStack in production testing services. I wasn’t sure it would help us identify issues in production but I wanted to try it out. One of the best was I’ve found to improve our customer experiences. I am really thrilled with eXpertStack and in my view the service pays for itself."

James Victorian
VP of E-Commerce - International Business