Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.
What is the definition of a Multi-Step Test Case?
A multi-step test case is a test that runs a series of steps that happen in the browser in a repeatable sequence (i.e. visiting a URL, clicking on a link, image or button, verifying text and more).
How many steps are included in each test that runs in production?
During our trial service we include up to 5 steps for each multi-step test case. With the exception of the premium package. This package may include up to 10 steps for at least 1 test case.
Do you add any scripts to our site to perform any tests?
NO it doesn't - Neither of our In-Production tests case types (I.e. functional or availability) require adding any code to your e-comm site. This ensures that all site functionality works exactly like a real user is experiencing your e-comm site.
Does eXpertStack offer SMS alert messaging?
Yes, eXpertStack offer SMS alerting systems available.
Does eXpertStack offer resolution recommendation for issues detected?
YES it does - Each alert notification includes recommended methods for resolving each issue detected by our system. In addition, to our issue mitigation details provided we offer full service support to help you resolve the issue if needed.
What information is included within the alert messages?
Each alert notification message includes: Test Case Name - Recent run history - Issue detected details and resolution recommendations.