Monitoring Features

Experience real-time visibility into your eCommerce store's health and performance with our state-of-the-art platform monitoring features.

Answering Software
Team Work
Change Software
Answering Software
Team Work
Change Software
Functional Browser Tests

Functional Browser Tests for Monitoring

Browser tests ensure that online stores are consistently delivering a seamless user experience.

End-to-End Testing

Validate the entire user purchase journey from start to finish, covering multiple scenarios and critical functionalities.

User Experience Monitoring

Browser tests mimic real user interactions, allowing you to identify user experience bottlenecks or issues.

Performance Monitoring

Proactive Availability & Performance Monitoring

Gain real-time insights into the performance and availability of your eCommerce platform.

Downtime Prevention

Ensure that your online store are always available, responsive, and ready to serve your customers.

Performance Trend Analysis

Track performance trends over time to identify patterns and make data-driven improvements.

Software Management
Software Management
Intelligent Alerting

Stay Informed with Smart Alerts

Receive alerts with detailed context, enabling you to understand the impact and severity of the issues.

Business Consulting
Escalation Rules
Implement escalation rules to ensure alerts reach the right team members promptly.
Digital Marketing
Customizable Alerts
Tailor alerts to match your organizational needs and priorities.
Worldwide Monitoring Bots

Monitoring User Experience
Across the Globe

Understand how users experience your eCommerce platform from multiple geographical locations worldwide.

Global Bot Network

Our monitoring bots are strategically located across multiple continents.

Geographical Impact Analysis

Analyze performance trends in specific regions and target areas for optimization.

Software Management
Software Management
Enhanced Dashboards

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards

Engage with dynamic charts, graphs, and visual elements for intuitive understanding.

Business Consulting
Real-Time Updates
View real-time performance data to stay up-to-date on your platforms' health.
Digital Marketing
Drill-Down Capabilities
Dive deeper into specific data points to identify trends and root causes.
Optimize for Growth

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Explore our service firsthand with a tailored automated browser test, designed specifically for your online store.

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