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The team at eXpertStack has over 15 years of Quality Assurance, enterprise-level automation testing experience including In-production testing and monitoring.
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What is In-Production Testing Services?

In-production testing unleashed the power of automation testing normally restricted for testing your website prior to release.

By executing robust sequential test cases on your live site we can uncover functional issues and performance bottlenecks that are not uncovered in QA.

Identify Problems Quickly

Reduce Revenue Loss

Real Time Site Visibility

Get True Peace of Mind and Protect Your Revenue

What's the Big Deal?

Most e-commerce teams are flying blind when it comes to knowing if their customers are having trouble completing a transaction, navigating or searching for a popular product.

These issues often go undiscovered for hours or even days costing retailers millions of dollars each year.

What types of Issues Can be Detected using our In-Production Testing Services?

Functional Issues
  • Page Layout
  • Missing Images
  • Navigation Flow
Revenue Leakage Issues
  • Cart Malfunctions
  • Cart Extension Conflict
  • Cart Calculation Issues
Performance Issues
  • Page-specific
  • Geo-location Specific
  • Multi-page Bottlenecks

The #1 Benefit of In-Production Testing
is Proactivity

In-Production testing, monitoring, and alerting reduces the time between when a functional or performance issue arises and your technical team knowing about it.

The key is to Detect Issues before your Customers do

Fewer customers will experience issues, thereby reducing revenue loss. If you want to prevent your customers from calling in to complain try our In-Production Testing Services Today.

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How We Deliver In-Production Testing & Monitoring Services

With our decade plus of test automation experience, our clients asked us to provide a new service we now call In-Production testing and monitoring. Our platform is called eXpertStack because it contains a wealth of expertise and includes a stack of solutions for testing all in one Cloud-based solution. 

eXpertStack In-Production Testing Highlights

Incident Detection & Response Automation

Ensure that the digital experience is close to ‘zero friction” as possible

eXpertStacks Response Dashboard to provide up to the moment assessment of the functional status  of your e-commerce site at all times. We also can review historical information to identify bottlenecks or recurring issues over time.

This empowers us to understand both broad and isolated incidents to help you address the issues before customers experience them.

Performance Monitoring Improves Customer Experience

Our team will help you ensure lightning speed from anywhere and everywhere around the world

Understanding performance is more than identifying whether or not your site is up, down, or performing sluggish at a particular time.

Performance issues can manifest in different areas of your site without you knowing it.

Using eXpertStack we can track isolated or broad performance issues that are near impossible to detect.

Location-Based Performance Analytics

Identifying isolated performance bottlenecks with targeted testing.

Most e-com teams focus on performance issues during the initial build out of their site. Unfortunately, performance bottlenecks can happen at unexpected times, do cart malfunctions, integration issues, local area networks and more.

Our performance alerting can capture these issues in real time and alert your team based upon a predetermined performance threshold.

Our location-based performance monitoring can identify invisible bottlenecks you could be missing right now.

Protect Your Transactions Without the Headaches

Our team will create proven multi-step tests to monitor your transactions like a hawk.

Shopping carts can have many different problems in production that you just cannot test for in QA. If your cart breaks or has some performance issues your entire business could be losing thousands of dollars an hour.

This is why our team of experts will create specific in-production tests that focus on shopping cart functionality.
This ensures you have the peace of mind and revenue protection insurance you deserve.

Try out our proven In-Production testing services you can trust to protect your revenue.

Trusted by E-Commerce Companies from Around the World

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Seriously skilled team. We have tried several different ways to automate testing and each time we couldn’t seem to maintain consistency. We decided to try eXpertStack Testing Services because they were offering a Low-Code proof of concept option for us. We have been levering these guys for almost 2 years now and have been releasing our apps faster with confidence."

Rachel Mcintyre
Project Manager - CBS Interactive

"Shocked at the results during first week. I was a little shocked at how many functional issues that eXpertStack found in a short period of time.  This service is very enlightening and humbling at times. Without it we know we would be losing revenue and customer’s would be lost."

Janet Joseph
E-Commerce Director - Retail Fashion Business

"Great service for a reasonable cost. I was really surprised at the affordability of eXpertStack in production testing services. I wasn’t sure it would help us identify issues in production but I wanted to try it out. One of the best was I’ve found to improve our customer experiences. I am really thrilled with eXpertStack and in my view the service pays for itself."

James Victorian
VP of E-Commerce - International Business

Stop Being Reactive!

If you want to prevent your customers from calling in to complain about issues on your live site try our In-Production Testing Services Today.

Let us help you be more proactive at solving your in-production issue detection and resolution.

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